Japanese use car imports from auctions in Japan direct to New ZealandJapanese used car auctions  over 100,000 used cars every week updated daily..........Buy with confidence from Registered Members of JUMVEA (Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Association)

Japanese used car auctions online

Japan car auctions online, view and select your next used car.  Over 100,000 used cars avaialble every week, updated daily.

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Direct import Japanese used Family cars, Sports cars, 4WD SUVs & People movers

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Quality American used car imports direct to New Zealand from auctions in Japan.

American used car imports available direct from Japan in right hand drive include Cadillac, Ford Explorer, Ford Taurus, Chevrolet Blazer, Chrysler Cherokee, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chrysler Neon, Chrysler Voyager & Wrangler models.

Although most American used cars in Japan are left hand drive some are available in right hand drive. American used car imports can represent very good value for money when imported direct from Japan. Many of them come with service history and we can arrange comprehensive warranties in New Zealand, also the mileage is verified before we export any American used car from Japan to New Zealand. Consider the facts, American used cars with service history, mileage verification and a warranty, plus a direct saving has to be a good deal!!!
We have many satisfied customers in New Zealand who have imported their American used cars direct from us and we can put you in contact with them for confirmation of our service and the savings that can be made by importing direct. We offer you online Japanese used car auctions where you can view and select the American used cars of your choice and bid for them, we will check the cars for you before buying to make sure they meet the high standard required in New Zealand and if successful we will then transport them to the port and arrange an Odometer inspection. After this we arrange shipping to the New Zealand port closest to you. Customs clearance in New Zealand is a very simple process, but if you prefer we can even arrange this and the compliance for you too, all you do is sit back and enjoy the simplicity and the savings.

Imagine the American used car import car of your choice, with service history, mileage verification and a warranty for a lot less than you would normally pay!!!

No Drama - No middle men - No big margins

Importing your next Japanese used car is easy, we use and recommend these services for your peace of mind.

Odometer Verification, MAF Inspections Stolen Vehicle Checks EtcComprehensive Warranties Available In New Zealand100% Kiwi Owned Direct Shipping

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