HOME - Used car imports direct from Japan.

TOYOTA CAR IMPORTS  - Japanese used car imports can represent very good value for money.

NISSAN CAR IMPORTS  - Mileage is verified before we export any used car from Japan to New Zealand.

MITSUBISHI CAR IMPORTS  - Having your used car import serviced in New Zealand is no problem.

HONDA CAR IMPORTS  - Consider the facts, same cars with service history, mileage verification and a warranty, plus a direct saving has to be a good deal!!!

SUBARU CAR IMPORTS - We attend the Subaru dealers only auction in Tokyo to purchase some of the Subaru used cars we export.

SUZUKI CAR IMPORTS - Many satisfied customers in New Zealand who have imported their used cars direct from us.

IZUZU CAR IMPORTS - Online Japanese used car auctions where you can view and select the used cars of your choice.

MAZDA CAR IMPORTS - Inspection of the cars for you before buying to make sure they meet the high standard required in New Zealand.

BMW CAR IMPORTS - We arrange shipping to the New Zealand port closest to you.

MERCEDES BENZ CAR IMPORTS - We can even arrange the compliance for you.

JAPANESE USED CAR AUCTIONS - You can view approximately 50,000 used cars every week.

AMERICAN CAR IMPORTS - American used car imports available direct from Japan in right hand drive.

EUROPEAN CAR IMPORTS - BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Rover, Volkswagen, Volvo, Jaguar, Peugeot, Porsche and many other popular makes & models.

4WDs & SUVs - Japanese used 4WDs & SUVs are very popular the world over for their durability, style and reliability.

IMPORT DIRECT - Bypass dealers and direct import the car of your choice.

WHY IMPORT FROM US - The process is simple, we guide you every step of the way starting with direct online access to Japanese auctions.

WORLD WIDE - We export Japanese used cars & 4WDs world wide.

AUCTION AGENTS - Over 14 years experience as Japanese used car auction agents and exporters.

DEALERS SERVICE - View Japanese used car auctions online and purchase fresh stock direct from Japan.

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NEWS 2 - More and more people are buying and importing direct from car auctions in Japan.

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